Philosophy Statement

Thursday, 15 July 2010 07:17

The purpose of the list is to share the intellectual and experiential capital of a group of talented technophiles...all for the betterment of instructional technology in schools. We all have opinions and preferences. As a group, it's in our best interest to honor one another, respect one another and try to maintain our integrity as professionals and colleagues.

We welcome readers and contributors who share an interest in building a community of educational technology advocates who help one another become more adept at using technology to support learning in schools. At its inception, the founders of this list embraced the philosophy that it is always in the best interest of any collaborative community to converse and correspond in a positive, polite, and professional manner. The collegiality of the group will be enhanced if we all agree to read carefully, respond thoughtfully, and reserve criticism of one another's techniques and methods.

Many use this list to learn from the experiences of others. Others use this list to share their expertise and discoveries. In all cases, the community must honor its members and their work in order to grow and flourish.

By general consensus, members of this list have made it clear that the list is NOT to be used for the following purposes:

Abiding by this constitution is an expectation of all members.


MD and Abe

Mark Drone
Regional Superintendent of Schools
Bond, Fayette, Effingham Counties

Abe Loveless
Technology Director
Belleville Township HS District #201
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